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Man chats with a woman over video call on a laptop

Show your fave Amway brands some love on video chat

Video chat has become increasingly popular in the last few months with many people working from home and organizing friend or family group chats. Video conferencing offers up so many benefits: you can see your loved ones in real time when you’re unable to visit, collaborate with co-workers, and even play games with friends.

Video chat of course allows participants to see you as well as everything going on in the space behind you. Getting your face camera-ready is one thing, but worrying about what your house looks like is another! Instead of putting your house on display, why not have a little fun and put your fave Amway brands and locations on display as your background? There are tons of how-tos out there to load your very own custom backgrounds depending on what video chat app you’re using. Download the pictures below, set them as your background on your next video chat, and be the envy of everyone on the call!

Click here to download your fave Artistry pics

Click here to download your fave Nutrilite pics

Click here to download your fave Amway WHQ pics