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Superfood spotlight: What is chia?

The superfood trend is real and we’re here for it! After all, if you had the choice between superfoods and foods with artificial ingredients, wouldn’t you pick the option that has multiple health benefits and makes you look and feel, well, super? This superfood trend is not only limited to what we eat; it’s also been taking the skincare industry by storm, as consumers demand more natural plant-based products. One of these superfoods is the chia seed and for good reason! Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of this tiny powerhouse used in products we can both eat and apply:

  1. Hello healthy looking complexion
    Chia seeds are packed with antioxidants that promote radiance and help prevent visible signs of aging. They also help the skin by protecting it from the effects of cold, dry weather. Looking for product reccos? We recommend adding the Artistry Signature Select™ Brightening Mask and the Artistry Signature Select™ Brightening Body Cream to your daily routine. Both products are infused with Nutrilite™-grown white chia seed extract helping provide brighter, more luminous skin from head to toe!
  2. A pep in your step
    Chia seeds can also pack a punch to your normal dishes. They can be seamlessly sprinkled into your favorite meals to help you with your afternoon slump. Simply add 1-2 tablespoons of these tasteless seeds to soup, smoothies, oatmeal, cereal or even salad to give your recipes a little more zing.
  3. Slim Seedy
    Chia seeds are super high in fiber, a macronutrient that’s essential for healthy weight loss and weight management. They’re also rich in protein, which can help keep your appetite at bay making you feel full. If you’re feeling hungry in between meals, reach for snacks with fiber and protein, like BodyKey by Nutrilite™ Whole Grain Tortilla Chips which contain brown rice and quinoa and (of course!) chia seeds (see Nutrition Facts for fat content).
  4. Small but mighty
    Omega 3s, potassium, calcium, oh my! Although chia seeds are small, they’re definitely mighty and are one of the world’s most nutrient dense foods calorie for calorie. Due to their nutritional profile high in important macro and micronutrients, they help support a healthy heart, brain, and bones, and protect the body against free radicals. There really isn’t much a chia seed can’t do!

Chia seeds are exceptional, and we’ve taken notice! In order to exploit their full potential and take their benefits to another level, we’ve developed the Rehnborg White Chia Seed on our Nutrilite™ farm. Watch out for this high performing seed in future Artistry™ and Nutrilite™ products!