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Traceability ensures Nutrilite supplements are safe

From farm to bottle, vitamins undergo the most rigorous testing available.

When you put something in your body, you want to know it is safe. After all, it’s impacting your health.

That’s why traceability, knowing where your ingredients come from, is so important. The Nutrilite brand’s commitment to traceability involves careful adherence to processing, meticulous record-keeping, and even rigid requirements for handling and cleanliness.

The ingredients used to make Nutrilite supplements can be traced back to the farms where the fruit, vegetables, and herbs in them were grown. Records detail the life of these plants, from who sowed the seeds to who harvested them and when.

Once those ingredients land on the shipping docks for processing, whether they arrived from the company’s own organic farms or supplier farms, they are double and triple-checked. Nutrilite scientists perform a stringent set of quality checks, going above and beyond industry standards.

“So the materials come in, they’re moved into the sampling tent, and we actually have QA staff who are on site down there in the warehouse, and we’ll use sanitary sampling methods to be able to take samples and then deliver those to the lab for testing,” said Sam Kilgore, Nutrition Quality Engineering Group Manager.

Safety throughout process

These safety checks and assurances continue through the process to the finished products boxed and delivered to the doors of millions of customers around the world.

“From the very roots of Nutrilite we have held traceability as something core to our brand, and now we’re trying to bring it to life for the consumer,” Kilgore said.

Traceability has been a priority since Carl Rehnborg founded Nutrilite more than 80 years ago with one farm. His pioneering approach is needed more than ever in an age where global food safety is a top concern. That’s why the vigilance about safety continues to be one of the main focuses of the Nutrilite brand.

“We want to make sure that the products we’re giving you, that they’re the purest, that they’re the safest and the most effective. And we’re committed to that as the Nutrilite brand and as Amway as a whole, and in order to do that, you need to know where that ingredient is coming from, who’s involved in it, and the process that it’s gone through. We call it knowing the people and the places and the process behind Nutrilite products,” said Lindsay Pott, Nutrilite Manager of Global Brand Content.

500,000 checks each year

That commitment to safety means supplements have undergone the most rigorous safety testing available, that includes more than 500,000 quality checks annually.

The company’s global team of in-house, board-certified toxicologists — along with chemists, microbiologists, chemical engineers and food scientists — review ingredients and formulas up to a half-dozen times during the product development process.

The Nutrilite team uses big science to test for the tiniest traces of unwanted materials, conducting full food microbiology testing, including identification of microorganisms.

The company’s long-standing commitment to traceability gives you peace of mind, knowing your Nutrilite supplements are as pure, safe and effective as possible.