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Cheri DeVos Ehmann

Cheri DeVos Ehmann

Cheri DeVos Ehmann is the founder and owner of Baton Collective, a commercial real estate development and business management company with operations in West Michigan. Baton Collective operates several athletic and youth sports programming facilities across the region, provides shared services for family, and also manages retail, restaurant, commercial and office real estate.

In addition, Cheri is a member of the board of directors at her family business, Wakestream Holdings.

Previously, Cheri served as the Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Director of Health and Beauty Marketing for Amway, the world’s largest direct selling company. She was also an Amway board member for 20 years. Cheri has served as the chair of the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation and as executive vice chair of RDV Sports and the governing board of the Orlando Magic NBA basketball team.

Cheri established the CDV5 Foundation with her five children as a tool to support causes and organizations that are closely aligned with their values, beliefs and passions. They strive to support children and families through education, health, and wellness initiatives in Greater Grand Rapids and select communities around the world.

Cheri is a graduate of Hope College in Holland, Michigan and is a past member of the Hope College Business Advisory Council and Hope College Board of Trustees. She and her husband, Steve, live in West Michigan.