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Katie VanderWeide Renker is shown in this profile image.

Katie VanderWeide Renker

Katie VanderWeide Renker recently transitioned away from her role in marketing technology to more thoroughly engage in various DeVos family-owned business ventures. Before making this change, she held positions in client strategy and brand partnerships for various startup technology companies.

She is a member of the board of directors at the CDV5 Foundation, a grant-making organization that strives to help others reach their full potential. Katie also serves as the president and director of the MSA Foundation board. The MSA Foundation provides financial assistance for youth who need it to participate in sports.

Along with her husband, Griffin Renker, Katie is passionate about supporting charities and initiatives that help others attain the fundamental resources needed to sustain long-term vitality. One mission that is near and dear to their hearts is world-wide access to clean water. They are actively engaged with the company charity:water as members of The Well – a small community that is responsible for funding all overhead costs so the nonprofit can allocate 100% of other donations to clean water projects.

Katie earned her master’s degree in sports administration from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree in communications, entrepreneurship and social enterprise from Wake Forest University.

Katie and Griffin live in Colorado, USA.