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Monreau DeVos Stewart is shown in this profile image.

Monreau DeVos Stewart

Monreau DeVos Stewart is engaged in her family’s leadership of several DeVos family-owned businesses, including Amway, Continuum Ventures and Wakestream Holdings.  She serves as a member of the Amway Family Council, the body that guides interaction between the company and its founding families / ownership group. 

A marketing professional focused on the North American market at Amway, Monreau previously held brand strategist, social media management and project management roles at firms located in West Michigan.  

In their philanthropy, Monreau and her husband, Peter Stewart, give to causes and charities in education, entrepreneurship and health and wellbeing.  Specifically, they are passionate about providing financial support to causes in mental health, neuroscience and scientific research.

Monreau earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies, with a minor in entrepreneurship, from Wake Forest University.  A Division I athlete, Monreau was a member of the university’s soccer team and started 55 games over her four-year career.  In 2017, she was part of the team that qualified for the NCAA national tournament for the first time in four years, where it advanced to the round of 32.   

Monreau and Peter live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.