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Olivia DeVos is shown in this profile image.

Olivia DeVos Griffioen

Olivia DeVos Griffioen is engaged in her family’s leadership of several DeVos family-owned businesses, including Wakestream Holdings and Continuum Ventures. She currently is a talent development professional at Amway, the world’s largest direct selling company.

Deeply rooted in her values and beliefs, Olivia is focused on meaningful, problem-solving work that helps others succeed and reach their full potential. Specifically, she is passionate about Christian faith, mental health, neighborhood-based programs, dance and the arts, and public policy.

Olivia is known to volunteer for causes that positively influence others. She also serves on the West Michigan Community Tennis board of directors, a nonprofit committed to programming for tennis enthusiasts as well as providing the underserved and underprivileged of our community the opportunity and vehicle to better their position through life-long racquet sports.

A 2020 Wake Forest graduate, Olivia earned a bachelor’s degree in business and enterprise management.

Olivia resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan.