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Does Amway have real customers?

Yes. Amway products are purchased and sold through our ABOs to a strong and active customer base of people that love and buy our products.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • You can find Amway products in 71 million households in our top ten markets alone
  •  1 out of 5 homes in the U.S. owns an Amway product
  • 63% of households in Beijing, China, own at least one Amway product
  • 58% of households in South Korea own at least one Amway product

It’s true that many Amway Business Owners also buy our products – in fact, we give them a discount on them when they do. If you really loved the products you built your business around, wouldn’t you want to use them and save money on your purchases?

+Is Amway a pyramid scheme?
No, Amway is not a pyramid scheme.  Unfortunately, a lack of understanding and misperceptions, especially on social media, can incorrectly put this label on direct selling or multi-level marketing companies, like Amway. Read more >
+What is direct selling?
Direct selling refers to selling products directly to the consumer in a non-retail environment. ​Direct selling allows a person to start a business with little overhead costs and with no experience required. Read more >
+How do you make money with Amway?
Amway Business Owners (ABOs) make money when their customers buy Amway products and others in their organization sell products. Read more >
+Why do I have to buy Amway products through a Distributor?
Amway products can only be purchased through a distributor to ensure quality products are being delivered and customer demands are being met. The Amway business model is built on the personal service and thoughtful product recommendations you get from an Amway Business Owner who knows the products and their benefits. Read more >
+What can I do if I want to quit the Amway business?
The specific processes for this may differ by country/market, but in most cases it is as simple as calling a customer service number or providing an email or similar notice to the Amway offices in your market. Another option is to simply not renew at the end of the year and let their registration terminate. Read more >