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Q. What is direct selling?

Direct selling, also known as person-to-person retail, is a business model where people sell products directly to other people.

It often doesn’t get the visibility of the brick-and-mortar or online stores we all know, but it’s a pretty sizable industry — $182.8 billion USD in 2014 global sales. Other direct sellers include Mary Kay, Stella and Dot, and Thirty-One Gifts. Direct selling, and Amway in particular, appeals to those who are looking to make a little extra money or even try an entrepreneurial opportunity to own their own business with very little risk.

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Do people actually make any money with Amway?
Of course! Amway has paid more than $53 billion in bonuses and incentives to business owners since the company’s founding in 1959. As with any sales business, the income you earn is based on successful efforts resulting in product sales. And we kno
Does Amway have real customers? Isn’t it just Amway Business Owners buying the product?
Amway products are always sold through Amway Business Owners and there is a strong customer base for our products. You can find our products in 71 million households in 10 of our top markets alone, and those households do not include Amway Business O
Why do people quit Amway?
Well, direct selling isn’t for everyone. We can imagine that there are a lot of reasons why people decide to do something else with their time. It takes a lot of hard work, and some Amway Business Owners quit because they find it’s just not a goo
Given the role of the Internet in retail sales, do you worry direct selling is no longer relevant?
Actually, we think Amway and direct selling are more relevant than ever. Now more than ever, people look to their peers for recommendations on what to buy. Amway is a person-to-person business. The internet and global social media allow people greate
Why do you charge a fee to register with the business?
The start-up costs for Amway Business Owners is less than $100 annually in every country where Amway operates and is fully refundable within 60–180 days if a person decides Amway isn’t for them. Any initial payments to Amway cover various expense
Can Amway Business Owners make a living with Amway?
Absolutely. Thousands of people around the world do have an Amway business as their sole income. In general though, most people start an Amway business part-time to make a little extra money to support their family or achieve a financial goal. As the
Some people dismiss direct selling as having a “cult” environment. Is this the case with Amway?
There’s a big difference between cult and culture. A core part of our business is recognition of success, and we have thousands of large sales meetings around the world where we bring people together to learn, train, and motivate each other. Yo
How long does it take for Amway Business Owners to be successful?
The definition of success is different for each individual. With Amway, you decide what your goals are and how much time you put into the business. Compensation and bonuses are based on your performance, so if you want to earn more, you can with extr
Why do some people mistake Amway as a pyramid scheme?
A lack of understanding can create confusion. Pyramid schemes have nothing to do with real commercial activity. Pyramid schemes are a form of financial fraud based on recruiting new people to make investments used to pay the people who joined earlier