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Corporate Social Responsibility

Helping people live better lives

At Amway, we believe we can use the best of our business and the passion of our people to help solve global challenges and improve individual communities all over the world.

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Join us for our virtual Power of 5K on October 16, 2017!

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Amway employee holding Latina child on Habitat construction site. Amway employee hugging local resident on Habitat construction site in Central America.
Indonesia child on green slide.

Ways we help

The Nutrilite™ Power of 5 Campaign

Amway is committed to fighting childhood malnutrition around the world. We work with NGOs to distribute Nutrilite™ Little Bits™ to malnourished children, helping kids get the nutrients they need for healthy development.

Lots of children holding up one hand - Power of 5
Amway employee hugging local resident on Habitat site in Central America.

Be the change in your community

#AmwayVolunteers is an invitation to be a part of a global community that is dedicated to making the world a better place through local volunteer efforts. We support and celebrate the volunteer activities of Amway Business Owners and employees and the inspiration that motivates them.

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Corporate Social Responsibility in recent news

Environmental Sustainability

Amway cares about the planet and its people. This genuine concern is reflected prominently in our company’s historical commitment to environmental sustainability. Since our very inception in 1959, it’s been a cornerstone of our business. Today, we remain in constant pursuit of integrating sustainability throughout our business, with the ultimate goal of reducing waste.