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Behind the Screen with Amway Business Owner Pramilla

Pramilla Ohlson, @pramilla.ohlson, lives in Mubai, India, with her husband, and two children. She described the city as “very chaotic, but I love the vibe and the people, and of course the food.” She has an active lifestyle focused on making healthy choices every day, including good nutrition and a run each morning as she trains for a half marathon. “My goal is to show how to make daily nutrition simple. That’s it!”

Pramilla found time recently to answer some questions for Amway Global so we could share her insights and advice with others.

AG: Describe yourself in three words? 

P: Christian. Mother. Health.


AG: What do you do for fun?

P: Travel and spending personal time with my family.


AG: If you could have only one hobby, what would it be?

P: Trekking and being outdoors.


AG: What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle and work toward a healthier life?

P: Focus on the small, easy-to-do daily disciplines – the result of which compounds over time! That is my only goal. What I do on an everyday basis. Nothing extreme.


AG: Do you have any goals related to fitness, beauty or cooking? What motivates you to reach those goals?

P: I have goals related to fitness, one of which is to maintain my current fitness levels 20 years from now. I am also preparing for a 21K (a half marathon). The long-term benefits (are what motivates me).


AG: What are things you do every day that bring you joy or make you feel accomplished? What makes you feel like a success?

P: My role as a mother doing everyday things with my children and investing my values in them. (I feel like a success when I’m) looking at my children and that my relationship with my husband keeps growing more mature and loving.


AG: How do you define success?

P: Success begins at home, with those closest to you, and really knowing, loving and respecting you the most. And success in any area is a result of the right routines and habits practiced over and over again, consistently.


AG: Who is someone you look up to or who inspires you? Why? 

P: I have high regard for successful people who have managed to maintain values and ethics and family values.


AG: If you could pick only one Amway product to have for the rest of your life what would it be?

P: Nutrilite™ All Plant Protein Powder


AG: This or That

Yoga or running? P: Running

Follow a recipe or make it up as you go? P: Make as you go

Juice or Smoothie? P: Smoothie

Cruise or Safari? P: Safari

Day at the spa or day at the beach? P: Day at the spa


When did you join Amway and why?

P: My husband started in 1998. I joined after we married in 2007. I gradually got involved and found my niche. I got good at it by focusing on my passion: Health and Nutrilite.


What inspires you about your work as an Amway Business Owner?

P: I get satisfaction seeing people’s lives change.


What’s one of the most important lessons you’ve learned as an Amway Business Owner?

P: When a goal is strong enough the facts don’t count!


AG: In one word, describe your ABO community? 

P: Resilient


AG: What advice do you have for those just starting their social media journey?

P: Consistency. Do not evaluate success based on follower count or likes. And don’t aim for perfection; be authentic. It’s impossible to consistently pretend to be someone you are not or a lifestyle which is not “you”. People are very keen to spot inconsistencies.  


Follow Pramilla’s story on social, @pramilla.ohlson, to see what she is up to next.

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