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Behind the Screen with Amway Business Owner Tianna

Tianna Fernandes, @tiannaoficial, lives in Natal, a city in Rio Grande do Norte on the east coast of Brazil that is home to warm sunny beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. She spends her time working on her Amway business and enjoys going out to eat with her friends, traveling or snapping photos. Whatever she’s doing, you are likely to see it on her social media channels where she shares her activities, passions and her favorite Amway products. Exercise is important to her, too, and she uses it to kickstart her day! “When I go running early in the morning, my day becomes such more productive.”

Tianna found time recently to answer some questions for Amway Global so we could share her insights and advice with others.


AG: Describe yourself in three words? 

T: Determined, creative, lovely


AG: Who is someone you look up to or who inspires you? Why? 

T: My mom and dad, for their life story and people they are. My mother is overcoming breast cancer amid a pandemic.


AG: If you could have only one hobby, what would it be? What do you enjoy about it?

T: Photography. The new ideas that can arise and the different perspectives of the same scene.


AG: If you could pick only one Amway product to have for the rest of your life what would it be?

T: XS™


AG: This or That

Yoga or running? T: Running

Follow a recipe or make it up as you go? T: Following a recipe, cooking is not “my strong suit” (Hahaha!)

Juice or Smoothie? T: Smoothie

Cruise or Safari? T: Safari (A dream to come true!)

Day at the spa or day at the beach? T: Day at the beach

5-star restaurant or food truck? T: 5-star restaurant


When did become and Amway Business Owner?

I joined in July 2016. I started to develop and understand the business in September 2018. It’s been my exclusive dedication since January 2020.


What makes Amway unique to you? What do you find inspiring?

The community, the care and love that entrepreneurs are treated with and volunteer work. I love being able to give opportunity to people and help people with excellent products. And I like to know that Amway has social projects. (It’s inspiring ) when someone tells me that I inspired her to be a better person and to be able to expand her business through my example as a businesswoman, creator and person that I am and that she loves the company. (I also am inspired by) the gratitude we have for each other in being able to grow together.


AG: What goals are you working toward to live a healthier life?

T: I want a better quality of life. I exercise at least 5 times a week. I try to be better every day.


AG: How do you define success?

T: Success is when we manage to BE a better person and a broad and humane professional. The real success is to live fulfilling dreams, sharing the successes of everyone and with everyone who is with me on the journey called life.


AG: What makes you feel like a success? 

T: When I look at the sky and feel real gratitude for what I have achieved and for being able to help others achieve their goals and dreams. And when I feel other people’s recognition and affection for me and for my work and for who I am. And when I make my family happy.


AG: In one word, describe your ABO community? 

T: Energy


AG: How has social media allowed you to find community?

T: Through social networks I realized that I can go further, that I can have even more [influence] on life and creativity. I can perceive and understand the different existing universes and respect them. And I can expand my universe to the diverse possibilities for business and people across the world.


AG: What advice do you have for those just starting their social media journey?

T: Have a strategy, patience and persistence! It’s about analyzing metrics, looking for [opportunities] at all times to develop content, keeping in mind who the target audience is. (It’s also important to) have organization and [posting consistency] and be open to suggestions that may appear to grow day after day. On social media, observing the details and having a vision that you can grow makes all the difference.

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