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When DNA isn’t enough, scientists use plants’ fingerprints

Botanicals are the foundation of plant-based nutrition. Yet with thousands to choose from, how does a global company like Amway decide which are the safest, purest and most effective?

“We trust science,” says Amit Chandra, manager, Amway chromatography services. “Our analytical sciences lab is the discovery hub for botanical ingredients with potential health and beauty benefits. We evaluate safety, quality and efficacy to inform product development, claims, regulatory compliance and quality assurance.”

Amway analytical scientists test botanicals to identify specific phytonutrients. “Plants are complex. We focus only on those phytonutrients that produce optimal efficacy and stability.” Chandra pioneered a botanical “fingerprinting” protocol to ensure purity. “Like people, plants have DNA. Because that DNA isn’t differentiated by root, leaf or bark, we create a phytochemical signature unique to the plant part.” Scientists separate chemical substances into individual components, which are then analyzed.

This “fingerprinting” prevents botanical counterfeiting across the Amway global supply chain in products like Nutrilite™ Memory Builder™ supplement whose formula includes ginkgo leaf, adds Chandra. “The leaf has the most beneficial phytonutrients, yet ginkgo is the most commonly contaminated botanical today. Botanical fingerprinting holistically evaluates raw material by quantifying that it’s authentic ginkgo leaf. It’s not enough to trust the supplier – the phytochemical signature is our safeguard.”

Amway scientists also ensure suppliers are following Amway NutriCert™ certification standards for sustainable, organic farming. “It prevents contamination by requiring consistency and traceability from seed to supplement,” affirms Chandra. “We partner with farms and markets, industries and government, to deliver the best of nature and best of science, from the best of people.”



Scientists ensure only the best quality materials are used in their products, and it starts with the botanical ingredients