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Following Danilo

Following Amway Business Owner Danilo

Danilo Gabriel Cosmo, @dangabriel_, lives in the small Brazillian city of Sumare, just outside of Campinas. He is a digital marketer who became an Amway Business Owner in 2015. His magnetic personality makes it easy to see why he’s successful at whatever he sets his sights on.  

 Between working out multiple times a day, creating regular content for social media, spending quality time with his family and managing his businesses, Danilo has become an expert at the art of balancing work, play and healthy living.

He also found time recently to answer some questions for Amway Global so we could share his insights and advice with others.

AG: What motivates you?
DC: I always thought that everybody should be seen equally… Yeah, I know it sounds cheesy, but I always did. My parents (they’re Platinum Amway Business Owners) always taught me that everybody deserves the same amount of respect and should be treated like I wanted to be treated. So that always drove my attention and ALWAYS guided my actions.

They also taught me that nobody goes anywhere without hard work and dedication. My mother worked as a maid and babysitter for over 30 years in Brazil and she still found ways to reinvent herself after being brought to this amazing opportunity called Amway. She not only reinvented herself but also became a big example to all of us. So, to answer the first question: EQUALITY, RESPECT and HARD WORK motivate me as a human being and as an ABO.

AG: What do you do for fun?
DC: Basketball, photography, content creating, gym/cross training, car shows, social meetings.

AG: What made you decide to become an Amway Business Owner?
DC: To provide a different and better lifestyle to our customers.

AG: What is your favorite thing about being an Amway Business Owner?
DC: It’s the freedom to choose where I want to work, how I want to work and with whom I want to work. Freedom, in all of its forms.

AG: What goals are you working toward to live a healthier life?
DC: My biggest goal today is to inspire others to have a better lifestyle with good food, supplementing and an active physical life.

AG: How do you define success?
DC:I define my professional success when I look at myself in the mirror and I see that I’m going on the way that I want go. I see someone who’s doing what he dreamed to be doing. This is professional success to me.

I define my personal success when I see me, my girlfriend and my family going in the right direction. The right direction is leaving a legacy, leaving a footprint, a good footprint for generations to come. So I couldn’t see anything better than that.

AG: What Amway products do you use regularly?
DG: Nutrilite™, BodyKey by Nutrilite™, essentials by Artistry™, XS™ and Amway Home ™.

AG: If you could pick only one Amway product to have for the rest of your life what would it be?

AG: What advice would you give to someone just starting out on social media?
DG: The hardest part about getting started, is getting started. People just want to be perfect about something. They want to be perfect. They want their Instagram to look perfect, and it’s not going to look perfect. You need to start first, and it’s okay. There’s a learning curve. Relax. Take things slowly and do things every day. You need to have consistency. You need to do this on regular basis. Once you start and do this on regular basis, the evolution will come.

AG: What advice do you have for other Amway Business Owners?
DG: I just want you to believe in yourself. I want you to think that this, the actual condition of your life right now, doesn’t represent the future. I want you to know that the things that you’re seeing today might not be the same things you’re going to be seeing in the future. I want you to believe in people, because I have someone who believed in me.

Follow Danilo’s story on social, @dangabriel_, to see what he is up to next.

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