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An image of Artistry's Intensive Skincare 14 Night Restore program. This quarterly program provides the benefits of a professional photo-facial rejuvenation treatment, repairing the skin at the cellular level and restoring the appearance of your skin to a more youthful state.

Is your skin as confident as you are? Part three: skin elasticity

Even as we grow more confident and mature on the inside, most of us want to look younger on the outside. (Click here for more from Amway Make-up Artist Rick DiCecca on the beauty of confidence.) This is the third article in our series on the science behind correcting the trio of skin issues that can contribute to larger skin problems, including wrinkling, age spots and sagging.

Improving firmness and elasticity

At some point in everyone’s adult life, skin begins to lose measurable amounts of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the strength and resilience of skin. The loss leads to wrinkling and sagging.

“I’ve prescribed retinoid treatments to my patients because they’re among the most effective in combatting these signs of aging. On average, however, 90 percent of those undergoing medical-strength (prescriptive) retinoid therapies experience unwanted side effects that limit this use, namely, dermatitis – a skin condition that causes dryness and flaking,” said Patricia Ogilvie, MD, a dermatologist in private practice in Germany and a member of the Artistry Scientific Advisory Board.

Researchers at the University of Michigan found the same problem.

“We saw that retinol, while efficacious in rebuilding the skin’s collagen matrix, also caused discomfort that was preventing many women from gaining its benefits,” said Gary Fisher, Ph.D., Professor of Dermatology, University of Michigan, and an Artistry Scientific Advisory Board member.

Research revealed that retinol-based sensitivity is a result of a protein activation called the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR). University of Michigan researchers identified natural compounds that curtail this activation, thereby helping to target retinol’s beneficial anti-aging effects to the deeper layers of the skin’s surface.

Working with University of Michigan scientists, Artistry R&D licensed this technology, and formulated the Anti-Wrinkle Firming Serum, which launched in June 2011.

In laboratory tests conducted by Amway, the serum boosted firmness and elasticity. Visible anti-aging effects include reduction in visible fine lines and improved elasticity and firmness.

Watch the video on Anti-Wrinkle Firming Serum:

Up next, our series concludes: boosting skin’s own repair processes? Learn about an at-home alternative to professional skin rejuvenation treatments.

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