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Kids’ Food Basket opens farm powered by Nutrilite


The experts behind Nutrilite’s certified organic farms play a pivotal role in providing nutritious meals to thousands of children every day.

Kids’ Food Basket, a nonprofit that address food insecurity and childhood nutrition near Amway’s world headquarters in Ada, Michigan, recently opened a new farm and distribution center. Amway has partnered with Kids’ Food Basket for more than 15 years, and the new roughly 10-acre farm will draw from Amway and Nutrilite’s rich farming history to help grow healthy, chemical-free and sustainable produce with maximum yields.

“Amway is uniquely positioned to help in two ways,” says Amway Vice President of Manufacturing Brian Kraus. “One is our core vision. Our core vision is about helping people live better lives. That’s exactly what Kids’ Food Basket is all about. In addition to that, we have tremendous expertise in farming all around the world. In fact, a lot of our talent and scientists from California and Washington state have worked on this site to help Kid’s Food Basket build its capabilities.”

Kids’ Food Basket CEO Bridget Clark Whitney says she sees the positive results every day. “It’s been incredible to have this partnership and this expertise, and the philosophies that come from Nutrilite to be put to use for children right on the farm right in west Michigan right in the middle of the city,” says Clark Whitney.

Many of the children in the area will have the opportunity to visit the farm and get their hands dirty (literally) learning about where healthy and delicious food comes from. The farm is also a place where all of Amway’s West-Michigan employees will be able to volunteer. It takes several hundred volunteers to produce the more than 8,000 healthy “sack suppers” distributed by Kids’ Food Basket each day. The goal is to grow that number with the help of the new headquarters and farm.