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A world together

Lend Your Hand

The Amway Family has come together during these ever-changing times
to lend a hand and support their communities and each other, and we want
to share that with the world! From business owners to employees, we are one
global community, stronger together than we are apart.

The Campaign

Starting July 22 during our A World Together event, we’re inviting you to extend your hand and showcase your appreciation for each other on Instagram using the hashtag #AmwayTogether. From business owners to Amway employees, let’s share our gratitude and keep the conversation going after the event!

How to Participate

  • Draw the Amway “A” logo on the palm of your hand.
  • Draw a heart around the “A” and include the word “Together” in your native language. Add your own creative twist, and show your drawing to the camera.
  • Take a photo or a selfie. You can share it on your Instagram profile using the hashtag #AmwayTogether or share it to your Instagram stories and tag @Amway.
  • In your caption, talk about things like what it means to you to be a member of the global Amway Family, how being a part of the A World Together event has made you feel, or thank someone specific who has supported you through this time. Remember to make it authentically YOU! Add hashtags that represent your story, remember to use #AmwayTogether – and encourage your communities to do the same!
  • Reminder: Follow the Rules and Guidelines for your market
    when posting on social media.

When to Post

July 22, during and after the event.