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Amway research provides contribution to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Institute of Chinese Materia Medica China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (ICMM) and Amway Botanical Research Center (ABRC) scientists complete Chrysanthemum genome sequence.

ADA, MICH. (Nov. 30, 2017) – The first ever completion of the whole genome of plant from the Genus Chrysanthemum today was announced by the Amway Botanical Research Center (ABRC) in collaboration with Institute of Chinese Materia Medica China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (ICMM).

The genome sequencing of Chrysanthemum indicum was accomplished through one of the most advanced sequencing technologies available, meanwhile, the total transcriptome information of an important commercial cultivar of Chrysanthemum morifolim, has been explained, which will greatly benefit the further and in-depth study on Chrysanthemum by scientists around the world.

“Chrysanthemum is a highly evolved flowering plant that includes many cultivar varieties of the species,” said Jia Chen, Vice President of Amway Botanical Research Center. “We are very excited to learn more about what this means for our studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine plants and how to integrate these findings into future product development.”

The Genus Chrysanthemum is a colossal taxonomic unit with many cultivar varieties of each species.

“Put it this way, the thousands of ornamental chrysanthemums seen at flower shows and in TCM are classified to the same species,” said Chen. “Aside from that species, we are very excited to learn more about the hundreds more that needed to be sequenced”

With a total genome size of nearly 3GB – nearly the size of the human genome – this research will also have a significant impact on future studies of botanicals at Amway.

Established in 2015, the completion of this project is one of several milestones for the ABRC — a global research center dedicated to discovering the benefits of TCM plants for use in Nutrilite™ and Artistry™ products.

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