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Plant actions and commitments

  • On our own farmland we are…

    • Creating a seed bank to conserve the biodiversity of key botanicals, and a nursery garden for raising acerola cherry trees to preserve the DNA of special acerola varieties.
    • Increasing use of cover crops and reducing soil tilling to prevent topsoil erosion and enable farmland to capture more carbon from the air.
    • Conserving water by using water meters, moisture sensors and weather center data to optimize crop irrigation. We’re also reducing water used in processes such as root cleaning.
    • Doing more to build up healthy soil, including expanding perennial crops and using laser weeder to control weeds. Nurturing the soil by rotating crops and returning unused plant matter to the land as compost and fertilizer have been practices at Nutrilite™ farms from the beginning.
    • Increasing the amount of uncultivated native land around crops and planting more native plants as cover crops as habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects. Amway farms have long nurtured beneficial insects to control harmful insects.
    • Using trained falcons to scare off birds and animals that might harm crops nearing harvest at the Trout Lake, U.S.A., farms.
    • Leveraging traceability to provide proof of botanical and product sustainability.
    • Empowering farm leaders to take care of surrounding communities by supporting educational efforts for local residents, contributing to local quality of life opportunities and ensuring our farming practices are safe and pay fairly. This has been an Amway value from the beginning.
  • With our botanical suppliers we are…

    • Leading the way in traceability to document and enforce sustainability actions.
    • Helping partner farms increase their land and water stewardship actions.
    • Ensuring that partner farms’ practices are safe and that they pay fairly.
    • Encouraging partner farms to contribute to the quality of life of surrounding communities.
    • Partnering with key botanical suppliers to advance soil health, increase biodiversity and take steps to mitigate climate change on their farms.

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

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