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  • With our products we are…

    • Considering the entire lifecycle of our products and resources to help inform environmentally conscious product creation.
    • Creating products using consciously chosen ingredients, keeping both people and the planet in mind. For example, new g&h rinse-off formulas are made with biodegradable formulas, making them safer for our waterways.


  • With our packaging we are…

    • Using less plastic when possible. We’re also striving to use more post-consumer recycled (PCR) content and to design packaging that makes recycling simpler. For example:
      • g&h body and baby care product bottles contain 30 percent post-consumer recycled plastic1. Bottles and cartons are recyclable, too2.
      • Artistry Skin Nutrition™ packaging globally eliminated 21% of plastic compared to previous Artistry skincare product lines3. Annual plastic use for all of the line’s SKUs was reduced by 288,047 pounds (130,930 Kgs) while delivering the same amount of product.
    • We’re reducing paper packaging. For example:
      • Artistry™ Skin Nutrition packaging globally saves 52,636 pounds (23,925 Kgs) of paper annually4 by eliminating most inserts with information now printed inside cartons.
    • Reducing packaging waste. For example, many of our plastic bottle manufacturing lines regrind and reuse their manufacturing scrap.

    1 Claim applies to g&h product produced in Ada, Michigan, U.S.A., and g&h™ baby product produced in Korea.
    2 Excludes pumps. Plastic bottles and paper packaging are recyclable where appropriate facilities exist. Check locally.
    3 Artistry Hydra-V, Artistry Youth Xtend, Artistry Youth Xtend Ultra and Artistry Ideal Radiance skincare lines
    4 2.27 Kg (5 pounds) per 500 sheet paper ream

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