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Parents walking with child while other children play

Moms mean business

By Melissa DeVos, wife of Rick DeVos, the eldest grandson of Amway Co-Founder Rich DeVos

Moms are everyday superheroes, the heart of their families and CEOs in their own right. Yet even the smartest, most efficient of us know that it takes a village to raise a child. Moms instinctually understand the power of community. From pregnancy to parenting, moms are experts at leveraging shared knowledge to serve the greater good. I can’t imagine doing life without my mom friends. Our inherent bonds connect us at every stage with our growing families. Technology only broadens our reach as we engage through social media, blogs and other online forums to create a global community of moms tied by heart.

All in a day’s work

Motherhood is a great training ground for starting a business, too. Moms run the household enterprise, mastering key business skills like networking, collaboration, problem solving, negotiation, time management and accounting. As a family business that helps other families succeed, it’s no surprise to me that many successful Amway Business Owners are moms.

Companies like Amway make it easy for moms to get started. Unlike a traditional job, direct selling doesn’t require a rigid schedule, just a passion for sharing products you and your family love. It’s a natural fit for women looking to balance motherhood with a career. Nothing offers a woman greater flexibility than being her own boss.

Moms are tough buyers, which makes them trusted sellers. As the steward of their family’s health and wellbeing, moms want to bring safe, effective products into their homes. We will go to great lengths to give the best to our families because we want the best for our families — also, mom guilt is a real thing! We do research, check labels, read reviews, and seek the invaluable expert advice of our mom community over marketing speak.

Mom knows best––and settles for nothing less

Nutrition is top of mind with moms. We want to know what goes into the products we buy, so we know what’s going into our children’s bodies. Where are ingredients sourced? How are products made? Are they tested and proven to perform? I love that Amway™ meets a mom’s need for transparency with the Nutrilite traceability standard, which puts every ingredient in every product through a nine-step process to ensure purity and performance. Nutrilite™ products even come with a certificate guaranteeing their safety. It’s the global standard in the supplement industry––and it gives moms the ultimate peace of mind.

Nutrilite™ products also fill nutritional gaps for busy moms. Every night at dinner, my kids ask for their vitamins (lest I forget!) – they’re that tasty! They love comparing flavors and shapes, and I love knowing that I’m doing all I can to keep my kids healthy and thriving, even if they don’t eat all of their broccoli. Instead of arguing over “two more bites,” we can focus on family time.

My mom must-haves

Nutrilite™ has so many great supplements for growing families. I trust Nutrilite™ Kids Chewable Daily for essential vitamins and minerals; Nutrilite™ Kids Braniums DHA™ Dietary Supplement for brain health; Nutrilite™ Kids Chewable Vitamin C to boost their immunity; and Nutrilite™ Kids Chewable Concentrated Fruits & Vegetables, which gives them the phytonutrient equivalent of more than five servings of fruits and veggies.

Dental hygiene is also a hot topic around my home. Two of my kids are old enough to independently scrub their own pearly whites, while the younger two still need a little help with the mechanics. The older two prefer the refreshing minty flavor of Glister to any other toothpaste they’ve tried, while my youngest begs for Glister Kids! Either way, Glister is helping all of them form healthy habits and I love that. From the matching toothbrush to the YouTube video, Glister has made brushing fun and that’s enough to satisfy any busy mom.

I use Amway™ organic cleaners throughout my home, too. My kids have sensitive skin, so I need products that provide a powerful yet gentle clean that doesn’t irritate their skin with harsh chemicals. I love sharing with my fellow moms that 40 Amway™ Home products carry the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice seal of approval.

A trusted tribe

Being a mom is the most difficult and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I love the convenience and confidence I get from using Amway™ products, and I love sharing them with my mom friends. These women are my lifeline. Whether we live across the street or around the world from one another, we create a global connectedness that makes everyone around us stronger and better. It’s a community I’m proud to call my own.

Melissa DeVos is the wife of Rick DeVos, the eldest grandson of Amway Co-Founder Rich DeVos. Melissa is the mother of four children, three girls and a boy, ages 2 through 8. She is part of the third generation of Amway’s Founding Families who contribute to the business in ways that complement their personal and professional passions. Together with Amway Business Owners, they’re helping build a bigger and better Amway for the future.