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Andrea DeVos

The beauty 411 from Artistry’s top Passionista

By: Andrea DeVos Abraham, granddaughter of Amway Co-Founder Rich DeVos, and Artistry Studio™ Global Passionista

I have a background in fine art and have spent much of my life fascinated by the beauty industry––the face is the ultimate canvas! I’ve always kept a close eye on what women around the world are wearing, and am drawn to looks that take me a bit outside of my comfort zone yet still feel like me. It’s less about following trends and more finding what’s authentically true to you. That’s what makes every woman different and beautiful.

Right now, I’m especially excited about brands like Artistry Studio™ that are energizing a new generation of female entrepreneurs and beauty influencers. As women, we have to build up one another and have each others’ backs. Stepping into the role of Artistry Studio’s Global Passionista has let me share my expertise in a meaningful way that speaks to who I am. I love being part of a tribe of women sharing the Artistry Studio love around the world. Our passionistas are beauty lovers and business owners who live life on their own terms. They’re turning their passion into profits by leading with their love for all things beauty, talking up their favorite products and empowering other women to join the movement. It’s a social strategy that’s changing our business and the industry.

Last year, I went to the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea, the epicenter of the beauty industry. I talked on trends in the industry with editors from top beauty pubs like Vogue Korea and walked the red carpet. It was cool to see Artistry Studio™ on the big screen and share how our collections are inspired by the world’s beauty hotspots. So far, we’ve launched the NYC and Paris editions. We’ll visit another city this fall. These fresh, fun collections are answering some of the top trends in beauty, including:

Top Artistry Studio Passionista

Bold, poppy palettes

Women love to switch up their everyday looks with new colors, textures and finishes. Limited edition palettes are a fun, convenient to try out the latest looks. Shades are curated to work together, so they take you seamlessly from day to night. Most days, I like an understated eye with an unexpected pop of color on my lips. If I’m going out later, I might play up my eyes with a dramatic shade or texture like glitter and give my lashes extra attention. It’s not about transforming yourself but looking your best, so you can feel your most confident and beautiful.

Top Artistry Studio Passionista

On-the-go, multi-tasking makeup

Multi-tasking makeup is a must. As a working mom of two boys, I look for multi-function formulas that are quick and easy to apply on the go, which is pretty much what I always am! Brands like Artistry Studio™ take this to heart with cheek and eye duos, 2-in-1 lip colors with gloss, a fabulous setting spray—I throw them in my bag for anytime touch-ups or when I travel. I love how the Paris edition’s 3-in-1 Brow Shaper includes a built-in brush, and that Eiffel Tower packaging is so cute! It makes me happy every time I use it.

Top Artistry Studio Passionista

Instagrammable beauty

Gone are the days of keeping beauty secrets. Women are sharing what brands they love on social, posting tips and tricks, doing their makeup on the subway. If a product has clever packaging or a new formulation or function, it’s more likely to pique interest and get people posting and talking. I look for digital tools like the Artistry™ Virtual Beauty app, which lets you “try on” looks virtually before you buy. Our passionistas love how it engages customers, even if it doesn’t always lead to sales. And it makes for the best selfies!

As a woman, mom and entrepreneur, I’ve learned that real beauty is about balance. It’s caring for yourself, giving yourself grace, working your passion and leading with positivity. Artistry Studio celebrates all these things by bringing out the inner passionista in all of us.

Andrea DeVos Abraham is the granddaughter of Rich and Helen DeVos. She is a married mother of two and has spent more than a decade in the beauty industry. Andrea is part of the third generation of Amway’s Founding Families who contribute to the business in ways that complement their personal and professional passions. Together with Amway Business Owners, they’re helping build a bigger and better Amway for the future.