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Top 5 mind, body and home benefits of houseplants

It’s all too easy to put all our focus on our yard and outdoor plants, neglecting the possibility of houseplants. However, if you’re putting all your attention outdoors and don’t have very many plants indoors, you might want to consider getting some more. Here are the top 5 reasons to cultivate your own indoor garden for a holistic boost!

  1. Add Ambience: Plants have an undeniable aesthetic value, adding greenery and life to any room. Browse through any trendy design magazine or Pinterest board, and you’ll most likely see plants-a-plenty!
  2. Purify the air: A great pair to your air filtration system (like our Atmosphere Sky) is a houseplant (or many!). Plants help naturally cycle and purify the air in your space. Spider Plants, English Ivy, or Weeping Fig trees are all example of powerful plant air purifiers.
  3. Mood boost: The closer we are to nature, the better we tend to feel. In Japan, they practice what is known as forest-bathing, which focuses on taking in the forest through the senses allowing you to become one with nature. You’ll experience a similar, micro-dose of this practice with your houseplants. They’ll help you feel happier and even more focused and productive!
  4. Healing power: Ever wonder why people give flowers and plants to the sick? It’s not just a nice gesture! Plants have been linked to helping speed up patient recovery and healing. Growing a plant like aloe can also have holistic health benefits helping to heal burns, moisturize skin, and much more.
  5. Therapeutic ability: It’s not uncommon to form a bond with your plants. Just like household pets, they need to be cared for, watered, and sometimes fertilized. This bond between you and the plants that can’t survive without you can be extremely therapeutic. Emotional support plant? Yes please!

Plants can have major positive impacts on the health of your home, mind, and body. The next time you’re at the market, add a few to your cart and bask in the green goodness glow when you get home.