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Following Amway Business Owner Angelika

Following Amway Business Owner Angelika

Angelika Shatulina, @angelikashatulina, lives in Moscow, Russia. She is a mother and an optimistic Amway Business Owner who often sings her way through life. In fact, music used to be her life. But when she had her first child, she said her world turned upside down, and it became a challenge to fit performances in among all the demands of raising a family.

So, she looked for another way to express herself while also earning money. And that’s when she found Amway. She’s still busy with her young children, but she can easily fit Amway into her schedule. She also found time recently to answer some questions for Amway Global so we could share her insights and advice with others.

AG: Describe yourself in three words? 

AS: Positive, dreamer, achiever.


AG: What do you do for fun?

AS:  Actually, I do everything for fun! Life is too short.


AG: What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

AS: Nutrition is key.


AG: What goals are you working toward to live a healthier life?  

AS: Keep balance between family, work, spiritual and healthy habits.


AG: How do you define success?

AS: Personal success for me is to be happy. And that’s why I love what I’m doing and I do what I love. You know what I mean? It’s not about some goals, because we have different goals in different times. The best way to feel good is to do what you really love to do.


AG: This or That: which would you choose? 

Going for a run or practicing yoga? AS: Yoga

Juice or Smoothie? AS: Smoothie

Cruise or Safari? AS: Both


AG: What made you decide to become an Amway Business Owner?

AS: I want to work and be with my family at the same time. I started with Amway about six years ago. It was the best opportunity because I thought about a clothes store, but, you know, I can’t be in the store and with my family at the same time. It’s very important for me to have my own personality. You know, I’m a mother and I’m a business owner and I’m artist and I’m a musician, and I’m a social media expert and a blogger. I need my time and I need my freedom. That’s why it’s about the balance.


AG: If you could pick only one Amway product to have for the rest of your life what would it be?

AS: Nutrilite™ All Plant Protein Powder. This is the best product, it helps me add protein to my diet to support heart health, energy, and muscles. * I can cook with it and I can make a lot of recipes with it.


AG: Describe your ABO community? 

AS: Positive and creative


What is the best advice you received from another Amway team member?

AS: “Do it.” Support in everything.


Follow Angelika’s story on social, @angelikashatulina, to see what she is up to next.

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