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Starting a business in India

Plan Basics


Purchasing Products
All Amway Direct Sellers (ABO) may purchase products directly from Amway.

Commission Payment
Commissions will be paid directly to all Amway Direct Sellers (ABO) who have earned the commission. Commission payments will be paid by Direct Credit or Electronic Transfer.

India’s Retail Effort Rule requires all business owners who are at the 6% and above Commission level in a month, must have at least three unique PV contributing Preferred Customers (PCs) in the same month to retain the Differential Sales Commission passing up to them. In the absence of three unique PV contributing Preferred Customers (PCs), the differential Sales Commission for that month would pass upto the next eligible Amway Direct Seller (ABO). This rule applies to all Amway Direct Sellers (ABO), even if it is a Multiple Business.

PV/BV Transfers
PV/BV transfers are not available.

Performance Schedule

PV Performance Bonus
10000            21%
7000              18%
4000              15%
2400              12%
1200               9%
600                 6%
200                 3%

Retail Margin
The retail margin is approximately 10% for all products.

how to start

How to Start
Amway Direct Seller (ABO) and Preferred Customer registration process can be completed both by submitting an application and the required documents in any of the Amway offices across the country or by using the website Post April 01, 2017 an Amway Direct Seller (ABO) will only be able to complete the registration process by submitting an application online.

On joining the Amway Business, the Amway Direct Seller (ABO) will receive a Business Starter Guide and an Amway Identification Card “after his application is verified and approved”

On-line Joining
Aadhar number is a mandatory requirement for all online Amway Direct Seller (ABO) joining.

A Mandatory orientation module is integrated with the joining process. It is mandatory for all prospects to go through the ‘Introduction to Amway’ (mandatory orientation module) prior to filling the application to become an Amway Direct Seller (ABO).

Copies of photo identification proof, address proof and bank account details need to be uploaded along with the online application. These uploaded documents are verified within 2 hours and on acceptance  a prospect becomes an Amway Direct Seller (ABO) and is free to place orders.

Registration is only allowed for Indian Citizens. Amway Direct Sellers (ABO) can join online only in an individual capacity. In case someone wants to join by forming any other entity, the application form, along with the required documents, need to be submitted at an Amway office.

Joining through Amway Office
Application forms can also be submitted at any of the Amway office along with required documents. Address Proof, Photo-Identification, Aadhar number & Bank Details proof are mandatory requirements.

A downloadable version of the mandatory Orientation module is available for all prospects in the Amway Office (free of cost). Print out thereof needs to be signed and attached with the joining form. From March 31, 2017 joining will only be online across the country for all prospects interested to join Amway and become an  Amway Direct Seller (ABO).

Cost of Joining
There is NO cost for joining the Amway Business. A prospect can join the Amway Business ABSOLUTELY FREE.

All new Amway Direct Seller (ABO) are required to attend a mandatory training before they are allowed to sponsor. Please contact Amway India for more details.

At the time of joining, all prospects need to provide details of an existing Amway Direct Seller (ABO) under whom they want to get sponsored.

Business Type
A prospect can join Amway either as an Amway Direct Seller (ABO) or Preferred Customer (PC)

Establish a Second Business
Fresh applications are not being accepted from NRI’s, however the same will be reviewed in the near future.  PIO Cardholders and Registered OCI’s are treated at parity with NRI’s. Foreign Nationals are not allowed to do the Amway Business in India.

how to order


Amway Direct Seller (ABO) may order products from Amway India in any of the following ways :

– Amway Direct Seller (ABO) can order or pick up products from any of the over 135 locations in India. Almost every State in India has an Amway office located in the State capital. Details of addresses etc. can be requested from the Amway office.
– Products can be ordered at
– Products can also be ordered through the call center:
Phone number: 91-80-39416600
Monday through Friday: 10:00 am until 6:30 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am until 1:00 pm
Closed on the first of the month

Payment Methods

– Cash up to a maximum of RS 20,000 per transaction per day
– Visa or Mastercard credit cards
– Debit Cards
– Pay by Challan
– Demand Drafts (Bankers Checks)
– ABO Commission Checks
– Positive balance in the Amway Direct Seller (ABO) account with Amway India
– Only Credit Card, Demand Drafts and Pay Orders may exceed the Rs. 20,000 cash limit per transaction per day
– ITZ Cash Card

Local Personal checks will be accepted from Platinum Amway Direct Seller (ABO) and above from any ONE designated bank (nationalized or private banks and not Co-Operative Banks) after receiving requisite details of the Platinum’s account.


All Amway Products are covered by Amway’s Customer Product Refund Policy. If the Customer is not completely satisfied, he/she is entitled to return the products within 30 days from the date of delivery for a full refund.

The refund policy is applicable only for products in saleable condition, and partially used products (30%) accompanied with an invoice. This policy does not apply to products that have been intentionally damaged or misused. It is incumbent upon Amway Direct Sellers to follow the Customer Product Refund Policy in letter and spirit.




• The Direct Seller must return the product(s) to Amway Pick up Centers.
• Period of return for products is calculated as the number of days from the Invoice Date, to the date of receipt at the Amway Office.
• Condition refers to the condition in which the stock is received back from the Direct Seller as a return. The product can be ‘marketable’ or ‘unmarketable’ depending on the condition of the returned stock as assessed by the Returns executive at the Amway office.
• PV/BV adjustment of Products returned up till 25th of each month shall be processed in the same month. Total PV/BV of the returned products will be deducted from the returning Direct Seller’s account.
• Total returns cannot exceed the quantity appearing on the Invoice.
• If products are returned by customers directly to Amway, PV/BV adjustment shall be done from the Direct Seller’s account & any excess amount paid shall be recoverable from Direct Seller.

how to manage

Access Information

– Call Center
– All India Helpline
Phone: 91-80-39416600
– E-mail:

Receive Commission Payment

– Through Direct Credit to the account
– Through Electronic Transfer

India’s Retail Effort Rule requires all Amway Direct Seller (ABO) who are at the 6% and above Commission level in a month, must have at least three unique PV contributing Preferred Customers (PCs) in the same month to retain the Differential Sales Commission passing up to them. In the absence of three unique PV contributing Preferred Customers (PCs), the differential Sales Commission for that month would pass upto the next eligible Amway Direct Seller (ABO). This rule applies to all Amway Direct Seller (ABO), even if it is a Multiple Business.

There is no Renewal of Business in India.

For Amway Direct Sellers (ABO) with no value purchase in last 12 months, contract will be terminated and he/she be converted into a Preferred Customer (PC). This will apply to all new Amway Direct Sellers (ABO) who join after December 08, 2016.

All Amway Direct Sellers (ABO), who have joined on or before December 07, 2016, will be required to fulfil the above mentioned criteria by December 06, 2017 failing which, their contract will be terminated and they will be converted to PC. For Amway Direct Sellers (ABO)s joining post December 07, 2016, they would need to make a purchase in the following 12 months to maintain their ABO status. They would need to do this in all cumulative 12 months from the last purchase.


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