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Starting a business in Italy

Plan Basics


Purchasing Products
All Amway Business Owners purchase products directly from Amway.

Bonus Payment
Bonuses will be paid directly to all Amway Business Owners who have earned the bonus.

PV/BV Transfers
PV/BV transfers are not available.

Performance Schedule

PV Performance Bonus
10000             21%
7000               18%
4000               15%
2400               12%
1200                9%
600                  6%
200                  3%

Retail Margin
Commissions for Amway products averages about 23% on the retail price (VAT excluded).

how to start

Start! Kit
A prospect can start his/her Amway Business becoming an ABO (Amway Business Owner) through a Sponsor (an ABO) who will ask him/her to fill an offline Application Form or will support him/her to complete the online registration form.

The Sponsor will assure that he/she has read and understood the Terms and Conditions of the Contract and the withdrawal right.

After having completed the online registration or signed the offline Application Form, the new ABO has 30 days to confirm the registration, sending the required documents and making his/her first order.  The Start! Kit will be automatically included on the first order and it’s price is 40 Eur.  The Amway Business Owner is not required to buy a specific quantity of products.

First Order Benefits
Placing an order of minimum 100 PV, by 11:30 p.m. of the day after his registration, the ABO can get the Start Kit free and benefit from the following discounts:
– 8% discount on Retail Price for 1st order between 100 to 199,99 PPV
– 16% discount on Retail Price for 1st order of 200 PPV and above with the 300 PV limit on the maximum discount.

Cost of Starter Kit
As specified above, the cost of the Start! Kit is 40 Eur.

Any Amway Business Owner contacts prospects and shows the benefits of Amway Sales and Marketing Plan. The prospects can decide whether to apply or not as a new Amway Business Owner. If the prospect wishes to start the Amway business and does not know an Amway Business Owner, he can contact Amway Italy and will be assigned to the nearest Amway Business Owner, who will then contact and assist them with starting their business.  Through the Amway online, the prospect can register himself/herself as a customer and select an ABO from the system.  If there is not an ABO available from the system, he/she can send Amway a request giving his/her contact details.

Business Type

Incaricato/Amway Business Owner (ABO)
An Amway Business Owner who is eligible to receive the monthly bonuses is called Incaricato. His/Her role is to solicit orders from retail customers on behalf of Amway Italia. He/She can also sponsor other Incaricati (his downline). He/She earns a Performance Bonus (Premio Attività) depending on the volume of his/her orders and his/her downline’s orders. Under this system, the Incaricato benefits a Commission for Amway products averages about 23% on the retail price (VAT excluded).


mandatory documents to complete the registration
To operate as an Amway Business Owner and receive the identification card, the Registration Form must be sent to Amway, duly filled in all its parts and signed where indicated. The relevant legislation provides for certain requirements, without which the registration as an Amway Business Owner cannot be completed. The Registration Form and the required documents must be received by Amway Italy within 30 DAYS FROM THE DAY OF REGISTRATION, as well as the first purchase order which includes the Start! Kit.

The failure to meet the deadlines by which to send the documents and the purchase order causes the cancellation of the code, which is considered as a resignation resulting, consequently, into the inability to re-enroll for a six-month period.


Italian Citizen

  1. Copy of Identity Card (both sides). The following identity documents can also be considered acceptable:  namely drivers license, nautical license, retirement card, “thermal plant management license”, and gun license, plus other Italian public service identification cards, provided that they include a photograph of the person to be identified and are duly stamped by the issuing Authority;
    2. Self-certification of moral requirements (document downloadable on the website, section: Business Information > Business Materials > Documents to Start the Business);
    3. Copy of Tax Code Card or Health Insurance Card (Carta Regionale dei Servizi) – Not necessary if it has been provided an identity document where this information is already included

European Community Citizens, and Citizens of Iceland, Great Britain, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland

1. Copy of an Italian Identity Card (both sides) or, if not available, a copy of the passport;
2. Self-certification of moral requirements (document downloadable on the website, section: Business Information > Business Materials > Documents to Start the Business);
3. Copy of Tax Code Card, to be required to the Embassy/Consulate of the origin country, or Health Insurance Card (Carta Regionle dei Servizi).

Non-EU Citizens

1. Copy of passport;
2.  Self-certification of moral requirements (document downloadable on the website, section:  Business Information > Business Materials > Documents to Start the Business);
3.  Residency Permit (valid for at least 1 months after submission) – The residency permits accepted are those obtained for: business (employee or self-employed), awaiting employment, family reunification, child care, humanitarian, political asylum or study purposes (for study purposes, it is also necessary a statement from the applicant that he/she will not to carry out the activity over the maximum of 1,040 hours a year allowed);
4.  Copy of Tax Code Card, to be required to the Embassy/Consulate of the origin country or Health Insurance Card (Carta Regionale dei Servizi) – Not necessary if it has been provided a Residency Permit where this information is already included.


  • On the ABO online registration, only using the electronic signature: this signature can be used only if, at the same time, it is possible to attach all the necessary documents. Using the electronic signature it is possible to attach all the documents, sending them through the website, just with a click!
  • e-mail:
    • Send the scanned documents and indicate as Subject of the email: NAME/LAST NAME e ABO NUMBER of the signatory of the new Registration Form;
    • Use this email address only to send the Registration Forms with all documents attached. Sending only partial documentation will not be allowed, it will not be examined and will be automatically removed;
    • Completed forms, received weekdays by 4:00 pm will be handled in that same day;
    • Send only pdf or jpg documents. Rar files, pictures from IPhone or IPad, or emails with links to external mailboxes, cannot be handled due to safety issues.
  • Fax: 02 87103604


  • the Registration Form must NOT have any corrections in the space reserved to the data of the Line of Sponsorship;
  • the two signatures in the section «Subscription» are mandatory.

Cliente Vip (translated into English the term is Member) will enjoy a variety of benefits such as products and services at a special Member price. A Member will not merchandise, register others or receive Performance Volume and related Bonuses. Only an Amway Business Owner can become a member by giving his resignation as ABO.

Cliente (Customer)
This is someone who simply loves the products, is not currently interested in the benefits or costs of membership, and wants to buy products from an Amway Business Owner.

Marketing Advisor
A status which allows European distributors to sponsor in other Marketing Advisor Markets (MAM) without maintaining a formal legal presence there while maintaining the same benefits of the Sales and Marketing plan as a multiple business. It does not provide for combining volumes between markets for purposes of bonus calculations.

Platinum Pin and above in any of the markets listed below. Diamond Pin in any existing Amway market that has multiple businesses in any of the markets participating in the program.

Participating Markets:
If you have a traditional Amway distributor business and local address in one of the below countries (home market) you can have businesses in the remaining countries (marketing advisor countries) as a Marketing Advisor.

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

– Receive individual MAM commission in your home country in home currency.
– Minimal business and tax registration and reporting requirements.
– Maintain and develop lines of sponsorship within each market.
– Renewing distributorship in the home country will automatically renew your Marketing Advisor Businesses.
– You will continue to be recognised in the Marketing Advisor Markets for your achievements.

Activities Allowed as a Marketing Advisor:
– Sponsoring & Demonstration of Sales and Marketing Plan
– Speaking Engagements

Activities not permitted as a Marketing Advisor:
– Retailing product
– Travel to the market more than 8 out of 90 days

As of 01.01.2017, those who are unable to carry out the activity as ABO or who, while being an ABO prefer not to carry out such activity, will be offered the option to start and/or continue the business with a different legal status, that of Business Promoter.

However, this will be reserved exclusively to those who are:
– already an Amway Business Owner, qualified Platinum or above, in Italy or in another country where Amway is present;
– non-residents for tax purposes in Italy and can produce a fiscal residency certification as proof.

The Business Promoter will be able to sponsor in Italy and buy products for personal consumption, in accordance with the set limit (currently 200 PV monthly).

– the Business Promoter, as all other Amway Business Owners, is strictly forbidden to sell or resell, wholesale or retail, Amway products purchased for personal consumption, e the Business Promoter, unlike what happens in the case of the Amway Business Owners, will not be able to place orders for customers (trolleys 2 and above will not be active).

How to become a Business Promoter?
Since the option of becoming a Business Promoter is an exception, it will not be communicated through the regular channels but only to those who are strictly interested. However, in the website section reserved to Online Registration we will invite those people who want to become ABOs but are unable to provide the requested documents, to get in touch with our Customer Service that will explain all the details of this option and, if the requirements are met, send a copy of the contract to be completed and signed.

Establish a Second Business

International Sponsoring
International sponsoring is always an option and an excellent means of expanding your business while avoiding many of the costs and complexities associated with establishing a second business. Please note: For those markets where foreigners are able to establish a second business, they must be the international sponsor of their second business in another country.

Establishment of a No. 2 business involves complex business and legal issues. Amway Business Owners should always contact the affiliate and obtain the advice of local counsel before attempting to establish a No. 2 business.

Business Entities
Amway Business Owners may establish a second business in Italy. The most common forms of Amway Business Ownerships are: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership and Limited and General Partnership. You should consult with a local attorney to identify the best business entity to accomplish your business goals. If you wish to operate in a form other than a Sole Proprietorship, you should contact the affiliate to discuss Amway’s policy concerning the formation of the business entity.

Visa Requirements
Any non-EU citizen residing and working in Italy needs to obtain a Residence and Work Permit as a professional (it’s the official cause to write on the request). Any EU citizen residing and working in Italy needs to obtain a Residence Card for working.

Important: Foreigners who do not wish to establish a fiscal residence in Italy (they can, if they do not live here), must notify Amway Italy of their home country banking coordinates, in order to receive their earnings immediately. They also must send a written declaration (under their responsibility), saying they are not a fiscal resident in Italy. The Italian Law considers a foreigner who lives in Italy more than 183 days a year as a Fiscal Resident. Foreigners will also need a residence and work permit (except for EU citizens with the Schengen Area) or a resident and work permit – special card for EU citizens (only the Schengen area), a local bank account (with Fiscal Code) and a local address.

The Italian Consulate in your country of residence should be contacted in advance to obtain a general idea of the appropriate immigration requirements for your business purposes. Laws relating to visa requirements are constantly changing. Amway Business Owners must consult experts in the country to obtain advice on appropriate immigration requirements. Consulting an expert is also important if you do not intend to reside there.

Click the link below to display additional details on how to start a multiple business in this market.

Market Framework Requirements

how to order


How to Order

By Amway online:

By Phone
Phone number +39 87103603
Monday through Friday – 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (Pin code mandatory)

By Fax
Fax number:  + 39 87103604 (Pin code required)

By Email
Email address:

At the Amway Business Center
Milan – Via Marco Polo, 9
Tuesday through Sunday – 2:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Rome – Viale Regina Margherita, 279
Tuesday through Sunday – 2:00 p m to 9:30 pm

How to pay

Methods of Payment

– Cash on Delivery for maximum 999,99 Eur (this method is not allowed to new ABO’s over their first 30 days of Amway Business)
– Credit Card (MasterCard & Visa)
– Bank debit (RID) – this method of payment is allowed by Amway under specific criteria.  For futher details please contact the Affiliate
– Bank Transfer
– PayPal

Start! Kit returns will be accepted 90 days from the registration date (included).

Products may be returned under the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Policy. For further details please contact the Affiliate.

Address for the returns:
Amway Italia S.r.l
c/o BRT S.p.A.
Loc. Cascina Scaravella
20018 Sedriano MI

how to manage

Access Information

Phone: +39 87103603
Monday through Friday
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Select the language. Dialling the personal PIN number, the call is addressed to the Customer Service Center

Receive Bonus Payment
Bonus payments are made within the 15th and 20th of the following month (i.e. bonus for December to be paid January) via bank account.



Renewal Art. No. 9990:
32,94 Euros
September 1st – December 31st

Late Renewal:
41,48 Euros
January 1st – August 31st

Renewal Methods:
The Renewal can be paid together with product or separately.

– Online: through the site (just for the renewal related to the regular period.  The Late Renewal cannot be paid online)
– By Phone: +39-02-87103603
– By Fax: +39 02 87103604 (the request has to be signed by the ABO)
– At the Amway Business Centers:  paying by cash, credit card, and debit card.  The renwal can be paid just by the ABO or his/her business partner.

Payment Methods:
– Cash and Debit Card at the Amway Business Center
– Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard)
– Bank Transfer
– PayPal (just for the online Renewal)


Amway Italia S.r.l.

Viale Liguria, 24
20143 Milano MI

Phone: +39 02 87103603
Fax: +39 02 87103604

Amway Business Centers

Viale Regina Margherita 279 – Angolo Via Morgagni, 30F
00161 Roma RM

Phone:  +39-06 45200489
Fax:  +39-06 45200493

Via Marco Polo, 9
20124 Milano MI

Phone:  +39-02 90463600
Email: (Public Website) (Email)

Opened November 1985
Territories: Milano