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Starting a business in New Zealand

Plan Basics


Purchasing Products
All Warehouse Ordering Independent Business Owners purchase products directly from Amway.

Rebate Payments
Rebate payments are paid by direct credit (i.e. electronic transfer direct into their bank account) to all Independent Business Owners who have earned a rebate in that calendar month.

PV/BV Transfers
PV/BV transfers are available to all Independent Business Owners.

Single Line of Sponsorship
Australia & New Zealand operate as a single line of sponsorship. International sponsoring is not allowed between these two countries. Business volume generated in both countries will be consolidated for yearly qualifications and bonus purposes. This Single Line Of Sponsorship is used for personal sponsoring and bonus calculation (since September 2005). All businesses prior to this date are under the International sponsor rules (benefits for annual bonus calculation only for Emeralds and above).

Performance Schedule

PV Performance Rebate
7500             21%
5000             18%
3250             15%
2000             12%
1000              9%
400                6%
100                3%

Retail Margin
Retail margin or mark up for Amway products averages about 30% but varies with each product. The average retail margin for this market is 28.5%.

how to start

Business Kit Purchasing
Business packs are purchased from Independent Business Owners.

Cost of Business Kit

– Option 1 – Get Started
Join for $99 plus delivery and receive a sample pack of your top product sellers so you can get familiar with the products.Plus receive all the business information you need and a minimum of 15PV to kickstart your business journey to success.

– Option 2 – Focus Packs
With our Focus Packs you can choose the are that you want to focus your business on. Each pack cost $259 with minimum 50PV to kickstart your business
Nutriway Health Pack
Artistry Youth XTEND pack with creams/lotions
Home & Personal Care Pack

First 30 days promotions- All new IBOs will have 2 great introductory offers available to them after registration within their first 30 days to help them get to their first bonus level.
1. Get $75 off plus full PV with any purchase over $350 wholesale (approx 85PV)
2. Get $40 off plus full PV with any purchase over $200 wholesale (approx 50PV)

In order to sponsor other Independent Business Owners, an Independent Business Owner must be at least 18 years of age have permanent residency in New Zealand or the majority shareholding in a New Zealand registered company and ensure that all Independent Business Owners sponsored are provided with the appropriate Business Kit.

Business Type
Independent Business Owners (IBO) are very similar to the current Distributor category. Independent Business Owners receive all of the benetis currently afforded Distributors and can take full advantage of the Amway business opportunity.

Independent Business Owner
– Take full advantage of the Amway business opportunity
– Can sponsor Independent Business Owners and Members
– Earns PV/BV from downline purchases including Members plus retail commission
– Purchases products at Independent Business Owner prices
– Full access to (web-site)
– Retailing allowed
– Participates in all rebate programs
– Receives Independent Business Owner magazines, catalogues and newsletters
– Can participate in Amway’s full range of bonus programs
– Renew December 31 every year

Clients buy product at retail price and still need to be aligned to an Independent Business Owner. They can order product from their Independent Business Owner or direct from Amway.

– Makes purchases through Independent Business Owners
– Retailing is not allowed
– Sponsoring is not allowed
– Does not earn PV/BV but does generate it upline
– No direct contact with the company

Establish a Second Business

International Sponsoring
International sponsoring is always an option and an excellent means of expanding your business while avoiding many of the costs and complexities associated with establishing a second business. Please note: For those markets where foreigners are able to establish a second business, they must be the international sponsor of their second business in another country.

As complex business and legal issues are involved, Independent Business Owners should always contact the affiliate at and obtain the advice of local legal counsel before attempting to establish a second business.

There are several business options available for establishing a second business in New Zealand, each with its own legal requirements (a local bank account, Management Agreement and Non-resident Agreement are required for all). You will want to consult with a local attorney to obtain advice on which would be the best vehicle to accomplish your business goals.

Generally you will find the costs reasonable. Any business activities will require obtaining a visa. This can be done by contacting the New Zealand Embassy in your country of residence. The extent of these activities will dictate the type of visa required. It is important that you work with a local attorney to be certain that you obtain the correct visa for your intended activities, and that your activities do not go beyond what is allowed by your particular visa.

Amway Services New Zealand Limited
New Zealand Taxation and other legal requirements are such that Independent Business Owners who wish to offer services (i.e., insurance) must contract with an additional entity when they join the business. There is no cost involved in Independent Business Owners joining Amway Services New Zealand Limited outside the previously stated application fee. Independent Business Owners automatically become Independent Business Owners of Amserv when they sign up as Amway New Zealand Independent Business Owners.

how to order


– Amway Regional Contact Centre
– Phone: 0800 611611 (within New Zealand)
– Fax: 0800 432967 (within New Zealand)
Hours: Monday through Friday – 11:00 am to 8 pm

– Amway Business Centre
6A Pacific Rise
Mount Wellington
Auckland 1060
Tuesday – Friday 10:30 am to 7:30 pm
Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
– Internet:

Note: New Zealand is a Direct Fullfillment market. All ordering Amway Business Owners must be warehouse authorised by their upline Direct Amway Business Owner.

Payment Methods

– Direct Debit
– Cash
– Cheque
– Credit card (available for electronic ordering only)

Business Kit returns will be accepted 90 days from date of application submission.

All returned product must be accompanied by a Return Merchandise Form available from the Returns Department. Refunds are paid through rebates.

how to manage

Access Information

– Phone: 0800 611 611 (within New Zealand)
Monday to Friday
11:00 am to 8:00 pm
– E-mail:

PIN numbers can be obtained by:
– All Independent Business Owners are given a PIN number. The number is not provided unless authorized to order.
– PIN numbers for ordering are provided via mail
– PIN numbers for accessing the Web site are sent via e-mail

Receive Rebate Payment
Rebates are paid by direct credit into a local bank account. Contact Amway of New Zealand for set up details required. Independent Business Owners need to be registered for GST (Goods and Services tax)purposes through the local tax authorities.

Please note: Renewal only necessary in one market for Australia / New Zealand

Cost of Renewal:
– Existing IBOs $69 – 1 year renewal
– For IBOs who joined between January and June 30 of any year, $25 for their first renewal
– IBOs who joined between July 1 and December 31 of any year will not require to renew their first year.

Renewal Methods:
– Phone: NZ 0800 611 611
– Fax: NZ: 0800 4320967
– Mail to Country Office
– Website:
– with product or separately ordered

Payment Methods:
– Direct Debit
– Credit Card (Mastercard/Visa)
– Cheque
– Money Order
– Cash (Experience Centre Only)


Amway of New Zealand

Private Bag 94401
Botany Auckland 2163
New Zealand

Phone: 64-9-9198840
Tel: -0800-611611 – within New Zealand
Fax: -0800-432967 – within New Zealand (Public & Distributor Website/English) (Email/General Inquiries) (Email/Business Relations)

Opened November 1985
Territories: Chatham Island