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Starting a business in Thailand

Plan Basics


Purchasing Products
All Amway Business Owners and Members may purchase products directly from Amway.

Bonus Payment
Bonuses will be paid directly to all Amway Business Owners who have earned a bonus by a direct credit transfer to ABO’s bank accounts.

PV/BV Transfers
PV/BV transfers are not allowed.

Performance Schedule

PV Trade Discount
150000        21%
90000          18%
55000          15%
30000          12%
15000           9%
5000             6%

Retail Margin
Retail margin for Amway products is 25%.

how to start

Starter Kit Purchasing
The Starter Kit is no longer available. Amway Business Owners will bring only the application form to a prospect to sign up. The ABO does not have to carry the Starter Kit and keep it in stock. Sponsoring can be completed conveniently with an application form only.

Online registration is possible in Thailand via

Cost of Starter Kit

Amway Business Owner
900 Baht (including application fee and no product)

100 Baht (including application fee and no product)

Amway Business Owners will purchase a Starter Kit with application from Amway and assist the prospect to complete the application and obtain the prospect’s signature. Amway Business Owners may submit the application at Amway Shops throughout the country or mail the application to the office. If submitted at the Amway Shops, they will receive an Identification Card on the spot and the new Amway Business Owner can purchase products from Amway immediately. If the application is mailed, they can select whether they want to receive an Identification Card at our Amway Shop for pick up or the card can be mailed to their address. It takes around one week to receive.

Business Type

Amway Business Owner
The Amway Business Owners (ABO) utilize the compensation plan to take advantage of the full Amway income options. Some benefits include purchase products at Amway Business Owner price, receive PV/BV from Member product purchases, eligible for all bonuses through Direct Payment Scheme, may register other Amway Business Owners or Members and may purchase a product kit at special price within 90 days after registering.

This is a new category who pays a small fee to purchase products at Member prices, receives a 10% discount on products (not to exceed 200 Baht) when a purchase is made within 90 days after the registration date, cannot merchandise products, does not receive PV/BV and all orders must be made in the same line of sponsorship. Members may also upgrade to an Amway Business Owner at any time by purchasing an Upgrading Registration Kit.

Establish a Second Business

International Sponsoring
International sponsoring is always an option and an excellent means of expanding your business while avoiding many of the costs and complexities associated with establishing a second business. Please note: For those markets where foreigners are able to establish a second business, they must be the international sponsor of their second business in another country.

As complex business and legal issues are involved, Amway Business Owners should always contact the affiliate and obtain the advice of local legal counsel before attempting to establish a No. 2 business.

There are many obstacles to establishing a No. 2 business in Thailand, and Amway recommends that you internationally sponsor instead.

To establish and operate a No. 2 business as a sole proprietorship would require that you obtain an Alien Business Permit (Permit) from the Alien Occupational Control Division, Department of Employment, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. An Amway Business Owner who is an individual faces difficulties obtaining the required Permit, as Permits are granted only to individuals who are employees of formal business entities. It is the policy of the Department of Employment to issue Permits only to permanent residents of Thailand. Consequently, no Amway Business Owners have been able to obtain one.

Click the link below to display additional details on how to start a multiple business in this market.

Market Framework Requirements

how to order


– Internet:
– Walk through at Service Center
– Phone: 66 2 7258000 (press 3)
– Fax: 66 2 374 1061/ 374 1066
– Mail: Amway Thailand Ltd.
1199/1 Ramkhamhaeng Road
Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240

Payment Methods

– Cash
– Telephone Banking
– Mobile Banking
– Amway Debit Card
– Amway Credit Card
– Credit Card (All Visa and MasterCard)
– Amway Credit Card thru IVR system
– Bank Transfer
– Cheque (only Emerald and above)
– Money Order
– Ordering & Payment thru
– Installment from SCB, BBL, Kbank, Citibank, GE Group Card, GE Money, AeonBank Transfer

Starter Kit returns will be accepted 90 days from application submission.

Products may be returned under the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee policy. If returned under Satisfaction Guarantee, a full refund will be received. If returned under Over Stock, all bonuses paid will be deducted plus a 5% handling charge.

how to manage


Phone: 66 2 7258000 press 7
1:00 a.m. – 24:00 p.m.

Receive Bonus Payment
Through direct credit transfer to ABO’s bank account at all banks which operate in Thailand and are members of Interbank Transaction Management & Exchange Network (ITMX).



Amway Business Owner
450 Baht (including application fee and no product)

100 Baht (including application fee and no product)

Anniversary Renewal

Renewal Methods:
– In Person at Amway Shop
– Internet (
– Auto Renewal

Payment Methods:
– Cash
– Telephone Banking
– Telegraphic Transfer
– Money Order
– Auto Renewal: deducted from bonus / Bank Accounts/ charged to Amway Card


Amway (Thailand) Limited

1199/1 Ramkhamhaeng Road
Huamark Bangkapi 10240

Phone: 66-2-8408000
Fax: 66-2-374-2918 (Public Website/Local) (Email)

Opened May 1987