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Greater China

Starting a business in Macau

Plan Basics


Purchasing Products
All Distributors may purchase products directly from Amway.

Bonus Payment
Bonuses will be paid directly to the Distributor who has earned the bonus. Bonus payments will be paid by auto pay to their bank accounts or by a check in the mail.

PV/BV Transfers
PV/BV transfers are not available.

Performance Schedule

PV Performance Bonus
10000           21%
7000             18%
4000             15%
2000             12%
1000              9%

Retail Margin
Retail margin or mark up for Amway products averages about 30% but varies with each product. The average retail margin for this market is 30%.

how to start

Starter Kit Purchasing

Sponsor can place order to purchase the Starter Kit:
1) At Macau Merchandising Centre
Rua de Pedro Coutinho, No. 52 Edificio Hi
Fai, R/C, Macau
2) Phone order:(853) 2852 7888
3) Fax order:(853) 2852 7551

Cost of Starter Kit

PTC 393.00

Privileged Customer:
PTC 103.00

Get a sponsor and purchase a starter kit at PTC 393.00.

Business Type

– Given two product coupons of MOP 103.00 each in return while signing up
– Purchase products at distributor price
– Sponsoring and retailing are allowed
– Can participate in the Amway Sales & Marketing Plan

Privileged Customer
– Given a product coupon of PTC103.00 in return while signing up
– Purchase products at distributor price
– Sponsoring is allowed
– Retailing is prohibited
– Can apply to become a distributor by purchasing a Distributor starter Kit at MOP 393.00
– Privileged Customers/Distributors must be at least 18 years of age.

Establish a Second Business

International Sponsoring
International sponsoring is always an option and an excellent means of expanding your business while avoiding many of the costs and complexities associated with establishing a second business. Please note: For those markets where foreigners are able to establish a second business, they must be the international sponsor of their second business in another country.

Privileged Customer
Anyone who is a Macau resident aged above 18 can sign up as a Privileged Customer

Subject to obtaining the appropriate visa, you may establish and operate a No. 2 business either as a sole partnership or a limited liability company. You will want to consult with a local legal counsel for advice on what would be the most appropriate vehicle for your business goals, as well as to obtain regarding capitalization and registration requirement.

Normally, working / investment visa is required to enter Macau for employment, setting up a business, or investment. Application forms are available from the China Consulate/ Embassy in your country. Further inquiries will need to be made before lodging an application pending hand over. Please note that Macau takes a very restrictive view of issuing visas for business purposes, and the use of a local attorney may increase your chance of obtaining the appropriate visa.

NOTE: Amway Macau and Amway Hong Kong are under one market, but to ACCL are two separated markets and operated under different modes. Sign up in Macau does not give one a right to access the China market automatically.

how to order


– Macau Merchandising Center
– Phone at (853) 527 888
– Fax at (853) 527 551

Payment Methods

– Cash on delivery
– Visa or MasterCard
– Point of Sales machine
– Cheque payment from Direct Distributors will be accepted.


Starter Kits
– Returns from Distributors will be accepted for a full refund within 12 months from the month of signing up
– Literature Kit returns from Privileged Customers is not allowed

– Products may be returned under the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee policy
– Distributors/Privilege Customers can return merchandise directly to any of Amway Merchandising Centres by completing an SA-112HK Returned Merchandise Authorization Form
– All goods returned need to be accompanied by the Order Receipt, which certifies its date of purchase
– The guarantee period for consumer is limited to 30 days

The Buy-Back Rule
– Resigning distributors can return all current saleable items (including non BV items) accompanied by the Order Receipt
– A 10% handling fee is chargeable.

how to manage

Access Information

– Phone-in hotline in Hong Kong at (852) 29696300
– Am@net (
– On-line inquiry computer terminals (Amatex) at Macau Merchandising Centre.
– Monthly performance reports

Receive Bonus Payment

Autopay to their bank account in Banco Weng Hang, SARL Macau
Bonus cheque will be mailed out with PTC10.00 handling charge

Please note: Renewal is only necessary in one market for Hong Kong / Macau

Four Categories:
1) Local Platinum (Auto-renewal) – MOP186 deduct from performance bonus
2) 5,160DP – one year free and get MOP103 gift coupon (if personal purchased $5,160DP & up)
3) Direct Debit Authorization – MOP186 for Distributors & MOP103 for Privilege Customers
4) Initiated by distributors & Privilege Customers – fill in the Renewal Form

Renewal Methods & payment
1) Amway process renewal for Platinums automatically and deduct the renewal free of MOP186 from their performance bonus.
2) Amway process free renewal for all Distributors and Privilege Customers who has personal purchased 5,160DP & up
3) regarding the authorization from Distributors and Privilege Customers to deduct renewal free from their savings A/C,current A/C, Visa or MasterCard.
4)Instant renewal process at any Amway merchandising centres. Mail in cheque with completed renewal form, phone in Amway Inquiry Hotline at 29696300/ Amway Ordering Hotline at 2512 0101 or send a e-mail to authorized Amway to deduct relevant renewal free from self Visa or MasterCard.



c/o Amway Hong Kong Limited
Room 801, Caroline Centre
Lee Gardens Two, 28 Yun Ping Road
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

Phone: 852-2969 6333
Fax: 852-2807 3920 (Public Website/MultiLingual) (Email)

Opened January 1992